Eric Marsh

Eric prepares to beat up Clark.

Episode 3 of Conner Kent.


  • The subplot of Alex getting involved in baseball is inspired by the plot of Hothead, except Clark supports it, remembering his arguments with his father from the same episode.
  • Alex and Tess have a duel for fun, done mostly to cheer Alex up, however, unlike the episode Hothead where Lex lost to Lionel, Alex wins the fencing match.
  • Eric Marsh from Witness returns and steals the stash of Kryptonite Clark and Pete buried at the end of that episode, featuring a flashback to help explain who he is.


Main CharactersEdit

Clark Kent (Smallville)

Clark confronts Eric.

Supporting CharactersEdit


Shelby tries to comfort Clark.

Minor CharactersEdit

Eric Marsh

Eric prepares to beat up Clark.

  • Eric Marsh