Harry Hardwick
Victoria and Harry2
Some attributes
First Victoria Hardwick (daughter)
Second Former CEO of Hardwick Enterprises
Third None.
Other attributes
Fourth Standard.
Fifth Alive.
Sixth Harold Hardwick

Sir Harry Hardwick as he appears in fan-fics.


Hardwick's personality is always preserved.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Hardwick has no outstanding abilities.


Hardwick can be killed by anything that can kill a normal person.


Smallville: A Mother's Love, a Father's StrengthEdit


Victoria and Harry

Harry Hardwick with his daughter Victoria and Lex Luthor.

His first plan was to take over LuthorCorp with the help of Lex Luthor. His daughter Victoria Hardwick rekindled her former romance with Lex in order to effect this plan, but then she discovered Lex's interest in Cadmus Labs, and she persuaded her father to buy it and use the profits to buy LuthorCorp. The whole plan blew up when Lex turned the tables on him and took over Harry's company.