Max Kasich
Max Kasich
Some attributes
First Unknown.
Second Personal security.
Third None.
Other attributes
Fourth Standard.
Fifth Deceased.
Sixth Maximilian Kasich

Max Kasich as he appears in fan-fics.


Max's personality is always preserved.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Max has no powers.


Max can be killed by anything that can kill a normal human, always dying as he did in the series.


Smallville: A Mother's Love, a Father's StrengthEdit


Max Kasich

Max outside the Talon.

Lex told Sam Phelan that he and Max both had their hands on the gun when Jude was shot, so Detective Phelan had it written up that Max did the shooting all by himself while protecting Amanda from Jude. In reality, it was Amanda Rothman who pulled the trigger. Max was killed by Roy Rothman, who was trying to get the truth of what happened. Roy cut off Max's right hand and sent it to Lex in a box.