Lex and Nixon

Lex and Nixon.

Part 1 of Smallville: A Mother's Love, a Father's Strength.


Differences from SmallvilleEdit


  • Lex hires Nixon to investigate the Meteor Rocks rather than the bridge accident.
  • Lillian captures Tina after Clark stops her and tortures her. It's later revealed she apparently was killed by Lillian's methods.


Lana Lang (Smallville)11

Clark approaches Lana at the Beanery.

  • Lillian assists Lex in his dinner for the Kents.
  • Lana also becomes something of a big sister to Julian, confessing to him that she's afraid of the dark, the same as him.


Cassandra Carver

Cassandra talks with visitors.

  • Lionel Luthor offers Lex a place at LuthorCorp, being in charge of three divisions.
  • This leads to a conversation between Lionel and Lillian that reveals that Tess Mercer is Lionel's daughter with Pamela Jenkins.
  • Also, while Lex is given a new vision when he greets Casandra, Lionel gets Lex's original vision.
  • Cassandra's advice to Lex leads to Lex giving up the ruined Porsche.


Main CharactersEdit

Lex Luthor (Smallville)4

Lex Luthor in Cassandra's vision.

Supporting CharactersEdit

Lionel Luthor2

Lionel approaches Lillian.

Minor CharactersEdit

Cassandra Carver2

Cassandra receives a visit from Lex Luthor.