Kara Kent (Smallville)2

Kara prepares for her search for Kal-El.

Episode 17 of Smallville: The Last Family of Krypton.


Differences from SmallvilleEdit

  • Lex joins Clark and Lois in investigating Kara's ship, with Lex covering for Clark.
  • Lex also helps Kara in getting control of her powers.
  • Victoria also steals Kara's ship, and she, Clark, Patricia, and Lex retrieve it.
  • Lex assists Chloe in creating Kara's fake identity.

Differences from Smallville: SwannEdit

  • Bridgette comforts Kara over Krypton's destruction.


Main CharactersEdit

Clark and Lois (Smallville)22

Lois and Clark walking up to the dam.

Supporting CharactersEdit

Victoria Hardwick

Victoria catches Bart.