Angel of Vengeance

The Angel of Vengeance arrives.

Part 10 of Smallville: The Last Family of Krypton.



Differences from SmallvilleEdit

  • Bridgette and Dr. Swann try to comfort Clark after Jonathan's death.
  • Clark also comes to his senses much earlier than in the actual episode.


Differences from SmallvilleEdit

Clark Kent (Smallville)31

Jor-El gives Clark a knife to kill Lex with.

  • Through Dr. Swann's earlier encouragements, Clark tries to give Lex a second chance after Brainiac gives him superpowers before Brainiac summons Zod.
  • Zod also has a few conversations with Dr. Swann.
Differences from Smallville: SwannEdit
  • Bridgette gives the final push for Clark to give Lex a second chance.


Main CharactersEdit

Clark and the Angel of Vengeance

Clark and the Angel of Vengeance confront Snake.

Supporting CharactersEdit


Shelby tries to comfort Clark.

Minor CharactersEdit

Andrea Rojas

Andrea confronts Snake.